The Road to Inner Peace

The Road to Inner Peace

The road to inner peace can only be traveled through expression. Though it may sound funny at first, but it is the unknown reality, that most of us ignore. People usually bottle up their feelings and hence they find their home in your unconscious or subconscious mind. This habit of not expressing yourself and bottling up the emotions can only hurt people physically & mentally and this causes the disturbance in your mind and body.

The reason why most of the people refrain from expressing themselves is the fact that we live in such a society where women should not be contentious and men should not cry. Remember, in our childhood days, when a boy gets hurt and starts crying, he was told that boys don’t cry girls do. So, people are brought up in such an environment that they don’t know how to feel, how to express and they end up keeping everything inside.

The Road to Inner Peace

It’s perfectly ok to have strong feelings. Allow yourself to feel. There is no need to run away from them. Embrace them beautifully and learn to deal with them in the most harmless manner to achieve inner peace and harmony in your life.

As we all know that our mind and body are connected. Each thought we have that relates to some sort of attachment leaves an impact on our mind and disturbs the natural process of functioning. No matter whether they are positive or negative thoughts, both leave an impression on our mind. Negative thoughts, as you all know can disturb your mind mentally and deteriorate your health physically. But on the contrary, positive thought works in one of the following ways:

Positive Effect: Thinking positive directly leads to happy & peaceful life.

Negative Effect: You must be thinking that how a positive thought can react in a negative way. Well, to end your confusion, let’s take an example: Suppose you have feelings for someone but due to your non-expressing habit, you are not able to confess. So, at first, you will feel happy about being in love. But afterward, it literally eats you up because you have kept everything inside and the other person is not at all aware what is going on in your mind. So, sometimes positive feelings also leave a negative impact on the mind by repressing the emotions.

There are many feelings inside all of us be it anger, fear, love, care etc. but one should know how to use them wisely without hurting anyone. For instance, in the state of anger, you should always think before you speak. Because at times, it can have the disastrous effect on yours as well as on the other person’s mind. That doesn’t mean you should not express what’s bothering you inside but there should be a balance of what to speak and what not to.

Similarly, in the case of appreciating someone, you should reveal it wholeheartedly as conveying your feelings to your loved ones not only strengthens your bond but also helps you achieve inner peace.

That’s how the peaceful journey continues…

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