SEXTING: The Good And The Bad Side

SEXTING: The Good And The Bad Side

Sexting is basically a term that is made from the combination of “sex” + “texting”. So, it is an act of sending sexual content such as photos or videos from one person to another via smartphone. Though sexting has received a lot of criticism due to its negative or horrifying usage but like everything it too had its good side.

I’m sure that the creators would have never thought that one day their invention (smartphones) will be used for this thing 😀 

Now, let’s move forward to know the good side of sexting and how it can actually boost your relationship.

  • Sexting is a way that can be used to spice up your sex lives and to bring back the lost spark in your relationship.

  • According to the recent research, it has been found that women are more active as compared to men in terms of sexting to their partners.

  • People even committed that with the help of sexting they have seen an amazing boost in their sex lives which ultimately resulted in improving their overall relationship.

  • It’s like sex which is performed by not touching someone. You can also term it as mutual masturbation where both the partners are involved in the sexual conversation and can really take it to the next level via sending texts, pictures or videos.

  • This is an interesting way to hide behind your smartphones and say all those kinky things to your partner which you have always wanted to say but don’t have the courage to say in person.

  • The most important rule of sexting is to don’t open it all at once. You need to build some anticipation and always leave the person asking for more.

  • Moreover, it’s a wonderful way to connect especially if you are in a long distance relationship. So, it is a good way to enjoy some intimate moments together via phones.

SEXTING: The Good And The Bad Side


Let’s proceed to the cons of sexting.

  • If you send your pictures or videos and the other person don’t then chances are that your pictures will be all over the internet. The best way to get your pictures being flooded all over the internet is to stop sending them.

  • Sending sexual text messages, videos or even photos could land you in jail for sexually harassing the other person. So beware before sending it to anyone you don't even know.

  • Some people even use sexting in order to cheat. Sexting to someone else is obviously considered as cheating when you are seeing someone or in a stable relationship. So, the point is if you are hiding from your partner that you are sexting anybody else, it is nothing else than cheating.

  • No matter how much you trust your partner, it is always advisable to do not send pictures that can be identified as you. If you want to send nudes, make sure you don’t have your face in it. This step can protect your identity and can save you from all the shit.

  • Never ever drink and sext. Texting the wrong person accidentally can always land you up in trouble and harassment.

  • Nowadays, there are a lot of things where you can do sexting such as Facetime or any other app. But believe me, it is not at all a good idea. People can take your snapshot anytime and you will be famous online in no time. So be careful while sending sexts.

So the moral of the story is sexting can be really good if used right otherwise it can have disastrous outcomes.

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