How to Say I Love You Like Never Before

How to Say I Love You Like Never Before

“Being loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone gives you courage” – Lao Tzu. Though feelings are always meant to express but how you express them matters a lot. Only a few people know the trick to say I Love You in a completely different manner.

Three magical words, one sentence carry a great responsibility to reveal the most important emotions of humans. But does a simple ‘I Love You’ communicate all the things that it is supposed to?

No, I don’t think so. Nowadays, these words are so commonly used whether for your child, parents or siblings. People actually utter them out of habit. So, when it comes to love or romantic connections, there is a need to be extra careful. You should really mean it when you say I Love You to someone because the other person perceives it in this way only.

To prove your love, ‘I Love You’ is not enough at all because some people just say it all the time and then betray you. So here are some ways to make your ‘I Love You’ more meaningful that goes beyond these words.

Go Beyond These Words

Instead of saying these 3 regular words, try saying “I feel so blessed to have you” or “I love the way you take care of me”. It can be anything that is different from your regular behavior.

Your Actions Should Match Your Words:

Your love should not only be expressed in words but in your actions too. Saying big things and doing nothing is the worst way to hurt someone. So, express your love in a plenty of ways be it with a flower or a cute handwritten card.

How to Say I Love You Like Never Before

Express Like a Child

Remember, how kids use to behave. How cutely and easily they show their affection. Try to think like them. Write a special note; draw something for them that include both of you. Be creative in your approach.

Don’t Ever Lie

To say I Love You and then play with someone feelings, is the worst thing ever you can do to the person. So don’t ever fake your feelings because that will be revealed by your body language and facial expressions. So if you don’t love a person, never say it.

A Special Touch

A person can really feel and sense that special touch. So a hug or gentle touch simply adds power to your words. And don’t forget to look into the eyes while uttering the special words.

Spend Time with Each Other

Giving each other time is the best thing you can do to let the other person know that you are important for them. Go on a date, spend some quality time, eat, talk, hug, kiss and share. These little things help in building the strong foundation of your relationship.

Don’t Just Say, Listen Too

Apart from expressing how much you care, be a good listener too so the other person can feel that you are interested in their talks. It is the most important rule of communication. Listen to your intuition too because that will help you to find the depth of your love.

Always be sure when you say I Love You to someone. Because they are not mere words but a lot more such as commitment, understanding, trust and obviously love.


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