Masturbation- The Truth Behind its Weird Myths

Masturbation- The Truth Behind its Weird Myths

Masturbation is still a taboo in society. The irony is that nearly everyone masturbates but hesitates to share or discuss in public. Masturbation is a normal function of a human body, in fact, is considered as a healthy sexual behavior.

As per the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour, women either masturbate monthly or few times a month. And most of the men masturbate weekly or every 3-4 days. As it is discussed least, there are some crazy myths swirling around masturbation and the people who do it.

Myth: You Will Go Blind If You Masturbate

Quite funny, isn’t it? These rumors have started only to prevent people from doing masturbation. What a fantastic way to scare people so they don’t get indulge in self-pleasure activities.

Your vision will not be affected at all. These are traditional beliefs from the people who believed that sex was only meant for reproduction. Even people go to the extent saying that this act can lead to hairy palms and even death. Obviously, these are not true at all.

Myth: Masturbation Is For Males Only or Women Don’t Masturbate

Although a majority of the males masturbate but that doesn’t mean women don’t do it. Actually, it is because of our society that accepts men being more sexually active than women. And that is why they say it’s shameful for women to masturbate.

But this is not the truth. It’s perfectly natural for any gender to masturbate, be it, men or women. It’s your body and you can touch it anywhere. Like men, they also find pleasure in this act. In fact, it’s quite healthy for them and their body.

Myth: It’s Not Good as It Can Result in Erectile Dysfunction

Though the process of masturbation seems vigorous but it will not cause any real damage. Masturbating is never ever responsible for erectile dysfunction. The point here is that if you masturbate frequently you will become habituate to a certain touch or sensation but that doesn’t mean it affects your fertility.

Masturbation- The Truth Behind its Weird Myths

Myth: People in Relationship Don’t Masturbate

The truth is that most of the people hide this act because their partners don’t like it and will feel jealous. Their partners start feeling that they are not able to satisfy them that is why the other partner masturbates.

People need to understand that it has nothing to do with them. And there is nothing wrong in self-pleasures. Couples can even masturbate together to have fun and add variety to their sexual life.

Myth: Masturbation Have No Health Benefits At All

You won’t believe that masturbation not only gives you enjoyment but also has a number of health benefits. You will see a tremendous improvement in several aspects of your health if you masturbate. The benefits include improved sleep, lower stress levels, make you young, improve your concentration power and overall fitness. So, it’s a win-win deal for you and your health. Isn’t it?

Myth: Masturbation Wastes Your Sperm Count

Though a man who masturbates quite frequently may find his sperm count lower but that doesn’t mean he become infertile or run out of sperms. Remember, there is no limit on the number of sperms or even orgasms you can have. So, masturbation can’t use them up.

Testicles are always making sperm, approx. 1500 sperms per second, so neither your sperm count will be wasted nor you run out it. And not to forget your body is designed to produce sperms throughout your life. Moreover, it increases the chances of getting your partner pregnant because of the fresh sperms.

Hope all your fears regarding masturbation have vanished now and you can enjoy this act without any shame or hesitation.



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