What It's Like To Love Someone Who Is Broken Inside

What It’s Like To Love Someone Who Is Broken Inside

Do you love a girl who is broken from inside? Are you facing a tough time to keep the things intact? Well, loving a person who is torn from inside is not an easy task. They are the ones who have experienced the harsh realities and still face the world with a smile.

A broken hearted girl/boy finds it hard to trust people. They build walls around them so that nobody can ever hurt them again. Whatever hurts them, scares them and controls them has NOTHING to do with you. So, it depends on you that how you take it.

It may be NOTHING because it happened before you actually became a part of their life. It may be a breakup, family trauma, or someone who has broken their faith and went away. To love a broken person is like walking on a broken glass. Though it will hurt you but you need to understand that the other person is hurting too.

In this situation, people mostly have two options: to give up or to stay.

Giving up seems like the best option because you feel that it’s impossible to get things go your way and win someone’s love. And you might feel that this relationship isn’t even worth all the stress. But remember she will not blame you for giving up on her because she is used to it by now. She will just watch you walking away silently.

On the contrary, giving up should never be an option if you have the courage and patience to make things better. To stay and heal the broken heart takes a lot because you are not only healing a broken heart but the spirit. You need to understand that they have lost all hope in life and love. It’s like trying to find the missing pieces to make it complete. And those lost pieces are love, hope, confidence, trust.

If you are the one that never believes in giving up on your love then read onto know how to handle a broken person.

Use Your Words Effectively & Frequently

A broken person may or may not talk much. Even if she talks, she will try her best to hide the truth that she was ever hurt. But if you notice carefully, you will see the glimpses of her scars every now and then. She will never let you enter and see her scars. And to exactly understand her scars, may take a lifetime.

Words are powerful if used correctly. You need to tell her that you won’t hurt her. Though she may not believe your words instantly because of the terrible past experiences she had. But keep on reassuring her. Tell her that you won’t run after a period of time. Yes, she will still not believe you but tell her anyway. Some things are essential to be told because it helps in building their trust slowly and steadily.

What It's Like To Love Someone Who Is Broken Inside

It Should Not Be Limited To Words Only

Well, after the words, it’s the actions that leave the most impact. She will judge you by your gestures. When words seem short and silences take over, it’s the gestures that are noticed. Look deep into her eyes and make her see that you will not run away when things get tough.

Hold her hand, sit by her and make her feel that she is not alone. Make her believe that you won’t leave her in the dark. You will be there for her in every moment she needs you. Though at first she may not believe you but don’t take her withdrawal as a refusal. She just wants to know that you aren’t just like everyone else.

Give Her A Ray Of Light & Hope

This is what she needs the most. She has lost all the confidence, hope and optimism along the way. Help her in finding these things back. It may take a while or might be a lifetime. But if she finds it, she will start blossoming again. She will be able to trust and hope again. And most importantly she will start seeing hope in your future together.

So, try your best to let her see hope even if it’s via your gestures, eyes or words. A constant effort is required on your part to let her believe that nothing is lost. Be the reason why she wants to be in love or hope again.

Be Patient & Never Ever Let Her Go

Being patient is really hard when you love someone. And when you love a broken soul, it’s unbearable. You will just feel that you are nothing more than an invisible person around her. She will try everything to ignore your presence, make you feel unnoticed. But the reason is that she is actually afraid of acknowledging and confessing her feelings to you and even to herself in the fear of losing you again.

Loving a broken woman is like clinging onto a sharp edge that is hurting you like hell but you are still holding on. Because you still have hope that one day she will stop pulling herself away from you. And love will work by itself. But one thing you must remember is that you need to wait and have patience. Though it may feel like a lifetime, you have to wait and never let her go.

Be it in any way but let her know that you are here to stay. Though your heart will break a little in mending her heart, this is what that makes you both whole. Remember, it takes a strong man to love the broken hearted woman. Are you the one?

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