How To Balance Your Work And Love Life

How To Balance Your Work And Love Life

Are you also juggling with the dilemma of work life balance problem post marriage?

Well, most of the married couples face these kinds of individual challenges when it comes to balancing the load of work life. Married life often conflicts with the demands of earning a living, looking after loved ones or family, fulfilling the responsibilities etc.

So where exactly is the “us” time in all of that? This missing “us” often results in miscommunication, misunderstanding between couples. In order to strike the exact balance between work & life, there is a need to create time for “us”.


How To Balance Your Work And Love Life

“As per the latest survey, 7 out of 10 women claim that their married life suffers because of the inability to create equilibrium between work & life”.

Creating the right equation between your career and family will help you to strengthen your relationship while coping with the demands of the work. But the efforts should be from both the sides. Efforts from only one partner often result in loads of compromises and thus make the relationship ugly.

Here is how you can maintain harmony between the two aspects so that you can enjoy both the phases of your life and can get rid of the work life balance issue.

Expectations: Words unspoken can often result in misunderstanding”. The foremost step towards creating the equilibrium between the two is to manage your expectations. Whether it is from daily routines, your work schedule or about companionship, speak up everything you expect from your partner. Most of the married couples complain that their partner doesn't understand them.

But the point is how would they understand what you want if you don’t say it.

If you want more time together, meals together, thinking about raising a child or any other issue that is concerning you, just discuss it. Clarifying things rather than thinking about the worst in your mind can help a lot in managing the things efficiently.

Managing Time: People spend approx. 8 hours per day on the job, or it can be more depending on your work. During that time you schedule everything- your meetings, phone calls and time to complete the assignments.

But why do you forget to schedule your time when it comes to your spouse?

One of the best things you can do for your life partner is to let him/her realize their priority and you can achieve this goal by scheduling the time together for just both of you.

Ask yourself, are you putting in the same efforts to keep your life partner happy as in the case of your boss?

Well, if your answer is no, then start doing the efforts right away and see how your relationship blossoms and achieve balance in all areas of your life.

Balance your Compromises: Most often the women will be asked to compromise on their ambitions to take care of the home front but concluding to this solution never helps. Married couples need to have an open discussion about their partner’s ambitions, careers, priorities and their roles in order to run a family.

Discussing things can assure that not only a husband or wife alone is making sacrifices instead they are respecting each other desires and working out to reach a common conclusion that won’t affect their individual careers. So, this way they can divide the responsibilities and perform better.

So, let’s keep this thing in mind that whether you are the married couple or yet single, one thing that is vital to keep the relationship growing is to express openly.

Express what you love about the other, make time for the people you love, tell them you miss them and prioritize things so that each sphere of your life gets its own quality time without affecting your married life.

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