Friendship Day: Celebrate Friendship

Friendship Day: Celebrate Friendship

“Good Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are always there.”

Friendship Day arrives on the first Sunday of August month each year. This day aims at bridging the gaps between friends. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to remember and appreciate the friendships we have. So, you should grab this wonderful chance to let your friends know how much they mean to you.

Though friendship should not be limited to just friendship day, it should be celebrated every day. But for one day at least you should honor your friends for tolerating you and your nonsense 😀 😀

The beauty of Friendship Day is that it can be celebrated with anybody you think as a friend. Be it your husband, wife, dad, mom, sister, brother, cousin or any one you share your secrets with. There are some friends whom we feel connected to and can count on them for anything. Why not make them feel special on this Friendship Day and say “thank you” for coming into your life?

Here are some great ideas to celebrate Friendship Day in your own style.

Meet Them & Spend Quality Time with Your Friends

Everyone is so busy in this world that we seldom get time to meet each other. By taking some time out with your friends will give you a chance to relive your friendly moments once again. You can select some place that interests you both or go out for a movie together. Or simply spend few hours at the coffee shop & talk about all the things you missed.

Do Something Thoughtful To Let Them Know How Special They Are

Friendship Day is all about celebrating friends and friendship. So the best way would be to do something special for them. For instance, send a hand written note instead of pre written texts. You can also post something special on their Facebook wall either a video or a pic where you were together. And attach a special note to that video. Tell them how much this bond means to you. Let them know how much you miss your past moments with them.

Friendship Day: Celebrate Friendship

Shower Them With Gifts

Gifts can be any. They need not be expensive. Sometimes only a greeting card can bring you happiness. And sometimes even expensive jewelry or watches won’t make you happy. Remember, it’s the intention that counts not the money. You can gift them a collage of your old pictures. I’m sure they will cherish this gift forever. Or you can bake a cake for them to add a personalized touch to your gift.

Bracelets Specially Designed For Friends

Friendship bracelets are in trend again. Some of them even have a small note written on them. Even the celebrities are seen watching these trendy bracelets. You can also make these customized as per your preferences to add a special touch of friendship. Your efforts depend on how much a particular friend matters to you.

Keep This Spirit Alive Throughout the Year

It’s very difficult to stay in touch your friends regularly in this hectic life. But you should keep this spirit alive all year. You can meet them whenever you get a time. Call them when you are free. Resolve your fights as soon as possible. The point is that keep nurturing your friendship every now and then.

Friendship Day is an important reminder that friends constitute a vital part of our lives. Don’t ever take it for granted and let them know how much they mean to you. Because a friend is one who knows all about you and still loves you.

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