First Date – Was it a Success or a Failure?

First Date – Was it a Success or a Failure?

First Date– No matter how exciting these two words sound but the truth is that they are enough to convince you to stay at home. Though the idea of the first date is totally refreshing but it also carries the nervousness along with it.

You inner thought process makes you feel restless by thinking about different things. That includes how you should dress, what food you should order or things you should do to make your date successful etc. So, finally the day has come and according to you, it went pretty well.

Now let’s figure out how your first date actually went.

Have You Arrived Before Her?

They say the first impression is the last impression. If you were late on your first date then trust me this can be your last date with that girl. By arriving early you can make an impression that this date is important to you. I am sure you must have arrived earlier than her to score the brownie points.

The Real You

If you were completely yourself on your first date, then most probably it’s a successful date. It’s always good to be yourself because the other person feels that you are not hiding anything and think of you as a genuine one. That is why it is really important to show your true personality.

Have You Laughed?

Guys with the good sense of humor are definitely the most attractive one. And if you laughed whole heartedly then it’s really a very good sign. And chances are that you both will definitely catch up soon to have a good laugh again.

First Date – Was it a Success or a Failure?

You Completely Forgot About Time?

If you have forgotten about the clock and spent few hours together then surely it’s a good sign. People who keep on watching the time while on a date, definitely is a very bad sign. That shows they are not at all interested and want to leave as soon as the time gets over.

Both of You Were Crazy?

If you were both crazy and silly at the same time then surely this date will be followed by many other dates. It means that you were quite comfortable with each other and can do crazy stuff together without judging anyone.

Sweet Physical Contact

There are some hidden body languages that convey a lot. While cracking jokes, if she reaches out and touches your arm then she surely is finding you funny and is quite comfortable with you. But remember this physical contact is not any sexual hint. Don’t take it as any wrong signal. In fact, this is a good sign as it shows that she finds you interesting.

Did You Felt Hopeful?

Well, you go on your first date with plenty of hopes. Some of them get fulfilled and others not. But if you felt constant disappointment after every 10-15 minutes on your first date then it is quite obvious that you were waiting for it to end. But if you were feeling hopeful with the guy and wishing to meet him again then it’s a complete success.

So, tell me how your first date went? Was it exciting or a complete disaster? 😀 😀

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