Why Do Couples Fight – The 5 Common Reasons

Why Do Couples Fight – The 5 Common Reasons

Arguments are quite normal between couples. And if you don’t argue, there is definitely something wrong with you. The worst thing when couples fight is that they have to live together so it’s not at all easy to get away. Sooner or later you have to find the right solution or compromise on little things.

A fight also depends on relationships. Arguments with friends, relatives or business partners may have different outcomes but in the case of life partner, it’s different. You can deal with the disagreements without compromising your opinion and still lead a happy life.

The most common reasons for the fight between couples are:


Money is the foremost reason of couples fight. How the finances will be put to use in the right manner is mainly the topic of argument. It usually happens when one of the partners is extravagant and the other prefers savings. For instance, if one person buys something new and the other considers it as wastage of money.

Some couples fight over debt issues and play the blame game. They also argue on how to control the finances.


Though this is the second highest reason for couples fight but it is often unexpressed. To be more specific, it happens when one of the partners wants more sex as compared to the other. Though sometimes they don’t express it but feel frustrated for the same.

Porno can be another reason too. When wife catches their husband watching porno stuff online they get annoyed and argue. Cheating is also the reason to turn arguments into a huge fight which sometimes can result in violence.

Why Do Couples Fight – The 5 Common Reasons


No person has exactly the same cleanliness standards as of the other. One person wants everything neat & clean while the other one is careless & loves messing the things. So, most couples fight over these things in order to create a balance.

They need to accept the differences and compromise on little things & find a solution which can work both ways. This way they don’t feel pressurized and hence find a mid-way.


This happens with all the couples. When anything goes wrong, people need someone to blame so that they can be free of the guilt or any kind of explanation. When this situation arises couples fight and blame each other for everything.

When the blame game starts, the other partner starts defending himself/herself with plenty of statements and then a whole new war starts. Before you blame you partner for anything, ask yourself whether it is right or what will be the consequence of this act.


Yes, married couples fight over these things when one of them does not share the work load at all. When it comes to household chores, couples should split them evenly. The majority of the work is done by women which lead to nothing else but frustration.

When both of them work all day so why is it the responsibility of the women always to look after all the household chores? Unfair, isn’t it? They should divide it evenly so that there should not be a burden on a single person. This way everything will be managed smoothly.

It’s ok if you fight with your partner but keep the excitement alive by making up soon and leaving the disagreements to rest.

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