Can A Past Relationship Affect Current Relationships?

Can A Past Relationship Affect Current Relationships?

Are you currently dating someone? Do you still compare your ex & current in your mind? Well, you need to understand that past is no longer real but its memories can often come back to haunt us. Though we don’t like to carry the baggage of our past to the present it still keeps on re-playing.

Thinking about the past not only blocks your joy but ruins your present too. Being in a new relationship is quite challenging because the damage caused by your ex can change the way you interact with your current partner. Or should I say it affects your current relationship? You start judging the current one for the things your ex-did. Let’s understand in detail how your past baggage affects your present.

People Relate Their Present With The Past

Breakups can make you emotionally vulnerable. People who are broken inside or have had bad relationships often shy away from anything that can hurt them. Sometimes they react at a lame joke or a silly thing. Though the reaction is not caused by a joke but by the situation that reminds them of their painful experience. In this case, people start mistreating their current partner for the things their ex-did.

Can’t Get Out Of the Past/ Still In Trauma

Abuses, be it physical or emotional leaves a long-term impact on the people. Sometimes a simple argument in your present can trigger a plethora of traumatic emotions from your past. Past relationships refrain you from seeing your current relationship differently. You will always have this feeling stuck somewhere in your mind that your current partner is going to hurt or betray you sooner or later.

Can A Past Relationship Affect Current Relationships?

Your Actions Leave Your Current Partner In A Confused State

This happens when you start punishing your current one for the damage your ex-had caused. You start assuming him as guilty and react accordingly thereby leaving him confused. You hurt him so that he can’t hurt you. This behavior just ruins your current relationship. Your current partner may feel that all his efforts are going in vain for no reason. They don’t understand your reaction or the reason behind your cold behavior. That’s the time where your relationship starts falling apart.

You Need To Move On To Be Happy

In order to do justice to your current relationship, you need to move on from your past. You should definitely learn from your past mistakes but don’t mix them with the present. You should take responsibility for your own actions and accept the pain. That’s how you can move on gracefully. Keep convincing yourself that this is the present and it has nothing to do with the past. By doing so, slowly and steadily you will be able to move on.

Let go of the things that have caused you pain in the past and welcome the present with the open arms.


  • Olayinka November 7, 2017 at 8:08 am

    These are one out of millions problems relationship of now are days are facing. Some people find it difficult to forget their past and let their past reflect in their new relationship which is bad and leave their partner confuse while they compared but we should let the past be in past so you can enjoy your new relationship

    • admin November 7, 2017 at 11:48 am

      Yes, that is what people should understand.

  • Kiss Your Life February 15, 2018 at 11:23 am


    Yeah,this is the biggest problem now in these days.Every relationship depends on the faith and trust and only rare people accepting you with your past life.I really like your post and I really appreciated with you.So keep posting. 🙂

  • England Lifestyle UK February 19, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    Yeah it is true our paste totally destroy our future and our new relationship.Because some life partners are understanding and sported but they are rare otherwise other mostly life partners have too much issues with our paste and this is the biggest reason we are not happy in our future relation.


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