6 Relationship Myths That Needs To Be Debunked

6 Relationship Myths That Needs To Be Debunked

Being in a relationship is definitely an out of the world experience. Going on dates, long kisses, walking hand in hand, comforting hugs, sharing moments; all these things seem like the fairy tale at first but they are not always perfect. Those love stories and carefree couples you see in the movies do not showcase the entire picture.

Most of us enter into relationships with certain kind of beliefs in our minds about how good they are supposed to be and how we are supposed to feel at that particular point of time. The assumptions are totally based on the relationships we see around us; be it of your parents, relatives, friends, siblings or neighbours.

If we are surrounded by the happy couples, we start imagining our relation to be like that only. And if that doesn’t happen, frustration sets in. So, in order to feel happy and content in your relation you need to bust the following relationship myths:

1. Myth:  Healthy relationships don’t require efforts.

Fact: This is one of the biggest myths of all. The solid foundation requires a lot of work, support, and understanding. After all, you are merging your needs, hopes, desires and most importantly your life with the other person who also has different desires. So, a great amount of effort is required on both the sides to succeed and make it work.

If you are feeling unhappy more than you are happy then the other person is definitely not putting up the same efforts as you. Remember only joint efforts can make the positive changes in your relationship.

2. Myth: True love never ever fades away.

Fact: The science of love is quite complicated. As you know hormones are responsible for all the love you feel for someone. So as the time passes these chemicals start fading. All thanks to the movies & happily ever after stories, we believe that if we truly love someone, the passion will never fade away. And if it does, then our paradise is in trouble or is not the right or perfect relationship.

What we fail to understand is when time passes; people become comfortable with each other and the responsibilities tend to grow. People have less time to devote as compared to the early days. But that doesn’t mean there is no love at all. You can still reignite that passion with little efforts and planning so that you can spare some time for each other.

3. Myth: Baby- The problem solver. Having a baby can solve all your problems. Seriously?

Fact: Having a baby is undoubtedly the most amazing experience one can have but it can also lead to stressful results if your paradise is already in danger. People usually think that having a child will strengthen their relation but on the contrary, it only adds to complications.

If you have some problems then you need to deal with them directly, a baby cannot make them disappear. As per the research, there is a severe drop in the marital bliss of the couples that have kids right after their wedding. The reason being, that they didn’t get plenty of time to spend with each other due to the added responsibility.

So, marital problems should never be the reason to have a baby. Be realistic and plan accordingly.

6 Relationship Myths That Needs To Be Debunked

4. Myth: Never go to bed angry.

Fact: Though it’s a nice idea but not very practical. Actually, it all depends on the circumstances and the nature of the person you are dealing with. Continuing the fight into the wee hours is definitely not the good idea. Because you have to wake up early and carry on with your hectic routine so it’s important to have a sound sleep.

Moreover, some people actually need some space and time to cool off. So give them a little break and you will notice that next morning they can carry a discussion or argument in a better way.

5. Myth: Mind reader partners- If truly in love, they know what the other person needs or upset with.

Fact: Put this thought in your mind that your partner is not a mind-reader. If you want something or his/her behavior is upsetting you then for God’s sake say it. Don’t assume that they know everything going on in your head & heart.

Yes, sometimes your partner can feel that you are upset but you should not disappoint yourself by thinking that they should know the reason every time. You should clearly express your needs rather than wait for them to anticipate. That is why communication is considered as an integral part of any relationship.

6. Myth: Fighting or arguing is not a sign of healthy relationship.

Fact: Fighting is never a problem but how you handle those disagreements or fights matters. Small arguments are a part of any relation. People perceive things differently so it’s quite common to have issues. But the key lie here is how calmly you deal with the issues.

Fights are actually healthy if dealt in a proper manner. Communicate, make your point, listen to your partner’s point of view and reach a mutual solution. You may seek to counsel if you are unable to handle the conflicts, it will definitely help you to see things from another angle so that you can solve them wisely.

Bust these myths and look at your relation from a different perspective. I’m sure you will cherish it.

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