6 Proven Signs You Are An Introvert

6 Proven Signs You Are An Introvert

Are you an introvert? Do you face trouble saying people “no”? Are you the quiet child in your school? Do you just hate crowd? If you have answered “yes” to every question, chances are that you are an introvert person. Well, to find out what really introverts are, let’s read on.

Introverts are a kind of people that are usually happy in their own company. Unlike social butterflies, they like to spend time with themselves and are preoccupied with their own thoughts. Let’s find out whether you possess the following signs of being an introvert or not.

Introverts Love Spending Time With Themselves

Unlike extroverts who crave for Saturday nights, introverts prefer spending their Saturdays at home and watching some interesting things on Netflix. They love reading books, cooking, listening to their favorite music, playing around with their pets. It has been found that people with this personality enjoy writing or any solo activity that makes them feel relax. In fact, they love being alone at home.

They Always Have Something Running Inside their Mind

You can take this as a positive or negative sign. But it’s true that something is always going on their mind. If people could hear their thoughts, I’m sure they would either be surprised or horrified. Sometimes they can’t even sleep at night because they keep on thinking about the past or future. No matter what other people think of them but the truth is their mind never stops wandering.

They Feel Lonely In A Crowd

Mostly they feel like an outsider in a group of people or social gatherings, even with the people they know. They feel disconnected from themselves too. An introvert always yearns for deep and intimate connections which they fail to find in the crowded place.

6 Proven Signs You Are An Introvert

They Do Enjoy Parties But…

They usually have a small group of friends and they love to spend time with them. Most of the time they avoid parties and meeting new people is kind of a big deal to them. But they enjoy social get together with people they feel comfortable with. They are happy with their small little bunch of friends.

Networking Makes Them Feel Like They Are Faking It

Yes, this is so true in the case of introverts. Socializing with people they barely know or talking to strangers is a big deal for them. But to survive in this competitive world networking is quite essential. So, whether you like it or not, you have to do it.

So, here starts the time of faking it all. You meet people, persuade to talk with them, then a big fake smile, make eye contact and try hard to bring out your social persona and confidently take it forward. After finishing the faking session you need some time to recharge your batteries and move on.

Do you also feel like this when meeting new people or the parties that you are being forced to attend?

They Prefer Writing Their Feelings/Thoughts Rather Than Saying

Introverts are good at writing. And when it comes to express their feelings, they prefer writing rather than confessing in a verbal manner. They are often termed as too intense. It is difficult for them to communicate their thoughts in real time so they choose either texting or emailing. They are the ones that always think before speaking. But still, they need time and space to pen down their thoughts because most of them are unable to express it verbally.

If you will ask me, I love the people who pen down their feelings rather than speaking. There are two reasons for that:

  • It feels genuine and deep.

  • It will make you believe each and every word of theirs.

Word Of Caution: Some people are actually good at faking their words so do notice their actions too.

There are some other signs too which you have been told by the people many times:

  • They love that you are such a good listener.

  • You think too much or you are an old soul.

  • You are too boring.

  • Why don't you speak much?

  • You have been told to come out of your cage.

Being an introvert is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. So you should just be proud of it and embrace the positive sides of this personality.


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