5 Worst Sex Mistakes Men Make

5 Worst Sex Mistakes Men Make

Almost every man thinks he is the king in bed and a stallion during sex. They fail to understand or admit that they may be doing sex mistakes or performing certain things in a wrong way. Sex is a beautiful expression of love which not only satisfies your physical desires but also strengthens the bond. So it’s really important for both the partners to avoid the common sex mistakes and take care of each other desires while making love.

Whether you are a newly married man or just want to add some spice to your sex life, you can initiate by avoiding the common sex mistakes that most of the men make in bed. I’m sure you make plenty of those as well.

Sex Mistake 1 – Not Giving Importance to Foreplay

This is the worst sex mistakes that almost every man commit. Many women complain about the lack of foreplay session. Men usually don’t give proper time to foreplay or some even skip too. Women find it really disgusting when a man just wants to get inside her vagina as quickly as possible.

Although rushed sex can be a fun too but not all women like it. In fact, a woman loves foreplay so you should devote some extra time indulging her erogenous zones. From massage to deep kisses, playing with her breasts to dirty talks- all you can do to enhance your love making session. Moreover, you can also set her mood by sexting as you know sex doesn’t always begin in bedroom 😉

Sex Mistake 2 –If You Are Satisfied Then We Are Too

You should understand that sex is a two-way road. It's time you realize that if you were satisfied doesn’t really mean that we were too. Always keep in mind that women take more time to arouse and not all women can have an orgasm from just a sex. They need extra efforts from your side to satisfy themselves.

So, it’s really stupid of you to think that if you are satisfied and had an orgasm, we had too. You should try and make that happen by adding extra efforts so that it will be a pleasurable experience for us too.

Sex Mistake 3 – Emotionless & Mute Sex

Being mute during sex is one of the worst sex mistakes men can ever make. This act of yours makes her realize she is not good enough in bed. They often feel that they are having a sex with the dead body or you can say, emotionless person. I bet nobody will like that type of behavior. These types of sex mistakes can actually result in a huge turn off and prevent her from getting an orgasm.

5 Worst Sex Mistakes Men Make


Ever wonder, why you easily get aroused by watching erotic stuff or porn? The sound plays the major role in setting your mood. Likewise, women also find it annoying to have sex with a man who just pushes into her without sound. You can fix this mistake by doing the following things:

Start Moaning: This is the simplest thing you can do while having sex but remember don’t overdo it.

Say What You Feel: Expressing your emotions is really important, be it from your face or verbally.

Praise Her: Tell her that you love how and what she is doing to you. Make that seducing sound and whisper some love in her ears.

Sex Mistake 4 – Not Being Dominant

What women mostly want in bed is a man who takes lead during the sex. Lacking the spontaneity results in poor lovemaking session and is a huge turn off for the women. Though each woman has their own preferences most of them want their man to be dominant during sex.

Although after a particular point of time woman wants to be the leader that takes you to the climax phase, but it is important for a man to play a dominant role. Every woman wants a man that is confident in his skills so that they can trust them and go with the flow. To lead or not to lead- in either way respect their wishes.

Sex Mistake 5 – Turn Head & Sleep after Sex

This is the most common sex mistakes of all and is faced by almost every woman on this planet. It’s really disgusting to leave or sleep right after the climax phase. I mean how could they? This is really a big turn off for every woman and completely destroys the overall lovemaking experience. Moreover, these types of sex mistakes can even prevent a woman from having sex with you next time.

This goof up can really kill the charm of the entire session. You must not ever end your lovemaking on such a boring note. This step of yours makes an impression that you were only waiting for sex and has nothing to do with your partner once the session is over. Always keep in mind that woman gets more charged up after the sex and want to feel the intimacy some more time. Ignoring her wishes and sleeping right after the session really makes her upset. So never ever do that.

Avoid these sex mistakes and I can guarantee you both will have a great lovemaking experience.

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