5 Secrets to Keep Your Love Alive & Live Happily Ever After

5 Secrets to Keep Your Love Alive & Live Happily Ever After

If there is one thing that is certain in relationships, it’s the fact that they will fickle over time. From head over heels phase to discovering annoying habits phase to can’t live without you phase, love gradually decreases. The feelings you have in the first phase tends to ebb when your relationship hit the mark of five or ten years. People tend to fail in keeping their love alive.

As we all know new things are loved more as compared to old things. The same is the case with relationships. People express more in the initial years of their relation, unfortunately, it reduces drastically over a long period of time. So, it becomes really important to keep the love alive to live happily.

There are two factors that can make your bond stronger and keep love alive and they are:

  • Love & Affection

  • Sexual Needs & Desires

As long as you take care of the above factors you can keep your love alive. Let’s elaborate these factors to understand what exactly you have to take care to rekindle the lost spark.

Never Ever Take Each Other For Granted

Stick to this rule by heart. The problem faced with most of the relationships is the fact that they start taking each other for granted. If one person does something for the other, at first they appreciate. But if as the time passes they take it as their routine work and stops acknowledging it.

Couples even start taking the special gestures for granted which once they loved it. That’s where relation starts losing its charm. Because special gestures become routine activities and nobody acknowledges them. So, it is necessary to acknowledge even if it's a small gesture to keep the love alive.

5 Secrets to Keep Your Love Alive & Live Happily Ever After

Surprise Each Other Occasionally

Remember your first date or first year of your togetherness? Remember how you surprised each other by doing something special for your partner? How many of you still do that? I guess, quite a few of you.

See, surprising or showing affection to your partners don't need special days or occasions, you can do it every now and then. Don’t forget even a small effort can make a huge difference and can make your love alive. Start doing something exciting the way you do in the initial days of your relation. And you will witness the change yourself.

Unplug Yourself

Yes, spare some time for your partner to re-live the fondest memories. Get rid of all the gadgets and make sure that there will be no interruptions to intimate moments. Feed each other like you used to do earlier, gaze into each other eyes and feel that connection where words become superfluous.

Celebrate Special Days/ Go On A Date

Try to make the special days memorable by celebrating them with your partner. Go on a date, have candle light dinners, plan a second or third honeymoon. You can do several things to celebrate together and make your partner feel special.

It starts fading when we stop putting efforts the way we used to put during the honeymoon period. If you do efforts in keeping the love alive, then sure your relationship will improve and will grow leaps and bounds in the coming years.

Keep Your Sex Life Exciting

Sexual needs are one of the most important things to keep the love alive. Remember how fast was your heartbeats when you had your first sex with your partner? Remember the excitement, nervousness and the love? So, you need to pay close attention to the sexual needs of your partner if you want to bring back that lost charm.

Start exploring each other’s sexual desires. Do something exciting other than the same position you were using for years. There are different positions, different ways to keep your sex life exciting. Talk to your partner about their sexual desires and do something crazy every now and then. This will spice up your sex life and prevent it from getting monotonous.

To keep the love alive you need to do sincere efforts in the right direction. Start by doing little things and see how wonderfully it leads to a happy relationship.

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