5 Reasons Why Personal Space Is Important In A Relationship

5 Reasons Why Personal Space Is Important In A Relationship

Love is an extremely weird emotion. Sometimes it can bring you closer to each other & then there are those times when it pushes you far away. Getting the right balance followed by the perfect space is not at all an easy task. But mind it; it’s absolutely worth all the efforts.

Believe me, relationships are damn confusing. At times it craves for togetherness & at other times it screams for space. Knowing how to blend these two factors is nothing more than an art. You need to learn how to give space in spite of staying together.

“You are suffocating me”

“Don't call me after every one hour”

“Why do you keep on texting me when I am with my friends?”

“Why don’t you leave me alone for a while? I feel like I can’t even breathe.”

Isn’t it sounding familiar to all you couples? Well, if it does then you definitely need to learn when it’s “too much”.

This article will help you to understand the importance of personal space so that you don’t go overboard in your relationships.

How Individuality Is Significant To Happiness

No matter how many relationships you carry on your shoulder be it mother, father, cousin, friend or anyone else. You need to understand that first, you are an individual. An individual who has certain desires, likings of its own & it makes him happier in doing his own little things. Even though you are a couple, you still are two individuals which want space to grow as an individual.

Being Together All The Time Gives The Feeling of Smothering

Every individual needs time for themselves where they can be themselves. People usually try harder to be with someone and wants to be with them all the time. But this too much thing can destroy your beautiful relationship. Spending all the time with your partner sounds romantic at first. But as the time passes it kind of smother the other partner. So, be open to other areas of interest too. Don’t just stick to them 24X7.

5 Reasons Why Personal Space Is Important In A Relationship

Personal Space Is Mandatory In Any Relationship

You should engage in outside interests such as spending time with your friends, taking out time for your hobbies or just doing your own little things. If you will start exploring different things, then your partner also gets the required space. So, you both need to figure out the right balance in your relationship.

Separate Yourself A Little To Make Your Relation Strong

Remember, how you spend your time before you met the special someone? No matter how much you love your partner, never forget that you are an individual too. The worst mistake that people in a relationship make is that they start seeing themselves only as a girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. They forget that they have their identity too. Respect yourself enough to keep your own identity.

If You Grow As An Individuals, You Definitely Grow As A Couple Too

Spending time with your friends, exploring outside interests is vital to strengthen your bond.  Remember, you have ample time to be with each at home where you are free to cultivate your relationship.

Just think, if you spend all the time together then is there anything left for you to talk? Communication becomes stronger when you both discuss “how your day was”. Unfortunately, this won’t happen if you will not give your partner a proper space.

Personal space is an integral part of any relationship. Moreover, it can keep your excitement alive and helps you in becoming a better individual & definitely a great partner.

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