5 Best Ways To Flirt With A Girl

5 Best Ways To Flirt With A Girl

Want to impress the girl you like but don’t know how to do it right? Flirting is considered healthy in any relationship if done rightly. Though it may seem hard at the initial stage, it’s not that complex. Ironically, you need to flirt or impress a girl in a way that she doesn’t know you are trying to impress her. The reason being you definitely don’t want to look desperate in her eyes.

Basically, there are two ways to flirt with the girl of your choice. The right way and the wrong way. The either way you select, the girl instantly has some hints that you are hitting on her. And to not make your first impression the last one you need to choose the right way to flirt.

Read on to find the best tips to flirt with your girl in the right way.

Believe Me, Gentle Stare Can Do Wonders

As you all know eyes are the windows to your soul. So let them convey your feelings. Whenever you flirt with the girl try to look at her eyes. Though you should deeply stare at a girl but not in the initial stage. Don't just stare for too long, blink every now and then. Because if you hold it for longer chances are that you may look like a creep. So create a right balance on how and when to stare. Remember, your stare should make her comfortable and not awkward.

Never Ever Look Desperate or Under Confident

Girls really turn off if you sound under confident. And the same happens if you sound too desperate. They just hate it and avoid further interaction. Never say sorry for taking her time. If she doesn’t reply your ping first time, try using the different opening line next time. When flirting, don’t sound too boring or monotonous.

You can ask them a question like” Hey XYZ, the stuff you shared was amazing. Where did you find this inspirational stuff?” This type of talk will never make you look desperate. Instead, she will feel you have actually something to say. That’s how you flirt right.

5 Best Ways To Flirt With A Girl

Don’t Sound Cheap When Giving Compliments

Anybody can give a compliment but some compliments reside in the heart. Try to give those compliments. Don’t look cheap by saying “You’re looking sexy” instead say “You’re looking beautiful”. You can say these things afterward but not at the initial stages.

You can praise her dress, hair or perfume. Girls have a really strong memory. So next time when she uses that perfume or wears a particular dress, she’s going to remember your words. Try giving her compliments that stays rather than sounding cheap.

Sense Of Humor

Girls always get attracted to the man with a good sense of humor. They like guys who can make them laugh. Tease her often by adding a little dose of humor in your conversation. Laughing together and pulling each other’s leg is the best way to flirt at first. Try to make her happy and see how positively she responds to your efforts.

Time To Be Naughty In Your Conversations

If you have crossed all the above stages then definitely you can move onto this step. At this stage, you know how she will respond to different topics so move it that way only. Try to have fun with some double meaning conversations. Take it slow at first and if she likes it then only move further.

The right way to flirt is to observe and take things slow at first because one wrong move may make you sound cheap. So strike the right balance between not sounding desperate and still leaving a good impression.

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