4 Exotic International Honeymoon Destinations

4 Exotic International Honeymoon Destinations

Are you getting married soon? Wondering what would be the ideal place to go for honeymoon? Well, going on a honeymoon is actually the best part of getting married. It is like the icing on a wedding cake. To spend time with your partner after the hectic preparations of the wedding is what every couple is looking forward to.

It is the perfect time to escape the hustle bustle and spend time in the arms of your partner leaving behind all the chaos. Picking a honeymoon destination is not an easy task. There are so many places and ideas running through the mind of every couple that seems perfect. So selecting the one that goes according to your preferences requires a lot of research. But don’t worry we have listed out the best 4 honeymoon destinations outside India to narrow down your search. Let’s have a look at each one of them.


Mauritius is best known for its pristine beaches, lagoon and reefs. It is often compared to a heaven on earth. This is the perfect honeymoon destination for budding romance.

4 Exotic International Honeymoon Destinations

Let’s read on what you can do in Mauritius

  • You can go for a private cruise to witness the spectacular sunset.
  • Enjoy parasailing with your partner at the spell bounding locations around.
  • For the perfect romantic ambience, you can do candlelight beach dinner or you can take sunset boat trip followed by beach dinner.
  • Horseback beach riding is another exciting thing you can do.


The next exotic and most loved honeymoon destination is none other than the Phuket Island. It has world’s finest beaches, lively towns and crystal clear seas. It has something for everyone.

4 Exotic International Honeymoon Destinations

  • Enjoy the sunset/sunrise at Promthep Cape
  • You can visit Phang NGA Bay and lie together in a comfortable canoe while paddling through its many caves.
  • Charter a speedboat and go for Island hopping with snorkelling breaks.
  • You can also go for diving together to witness the beauty of Andaman Sea.
  • Spend your time by walking hands in hands with your partner on a deserted beach.


Bali is widely known as the Land of Gods. This tropical paradise is the perfect getaway with your partner. It is one of the most loved destinations for honeymoon due to its sheer beauty, exciting nightlife, picturesque locations followed by intricately carved temples.

Romance is what every couple is looking for. You can have dinner in Canggu. The best thing about here is that you will have a bed with the waterfront followed by sunset making it a perfect romantic ambience. Moreover, you will be surrounded by candles all around you to enrich your romantic experience.

4 Exotic International Honeymoon Destinations

  • You can pick the Catamaran and explore crystal clear waters of sea followed by numerous islands.
  • Hiking at the Mount Batur is another exciting option for couples.
  • Relax and choose the best spa for yourself. Good news! You can also have a massage in a couple.
  • You can also book a ride in the helicopter to have a splendid view of these beautiful locales.


Well known for its white sands, luxurious villas & resorts, splendid landscape and crystal clear waters make Maldives the perfect place for the honeymoon. The inhabited islands and surrounding blue lagoons followed by extensive reefs offers a truly romantic experience for any couple.

4 Exotic International Honeymoon Destinations

  • Snorkelling & Diving at Naifaru Island
  • Experience the true life of Maldives by witnessing the Deep Ocean known as Whale Submarine Maldives. You should not miss this at all.
  • Dine at the undersea restaurant named Ithaa, is the world’s first all glass undersea restaurant. Enjoy your food by staying under the sea without getting wet.
  • Maldives glowing beach named Bioluminescent Plankton seems like a fairy tale.
  • You can visit Manta Point to actually witness the sea creatures.

So, what are you waiting for now? Pick your favourite honeymoon destination and enjoy this magical phase of your life.

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