10 Irresistible Things Men Wants Women to Do in Bed

10 Irresistible Things Men Wants Women to Do in Bed

Do you want to know what your man secretly desires in the bedroom? What he wants you to do while getting intimate but never have said that? What are his hidden sexual desires that he wants to fulfill with you? Well, read to find his secret desires to spice up your sex life.

When it comes to making love, both men and women have their own fantasies. Some women are quite vocal about their desires but men mostly keep it to themselves. But that doesn’t mean they like fictional romance like fifty shades of grey with handcuffs and all that. There may exist some men that like to try these things with their partners but most of them like it to be simple, spicy and yet surprising.

So, it’s time to unlock the secret wish list of your man in the bedroom and spice up your sex life:

First Move: Men always make the first move but sometimes they want you to take the initiative so that they know how desperate you are. It makes them happy that you are equally interested in making love and this move really turns them on.

Sexy Lingerie: You might be thinking, why to waste money on buying this when it will on the floor in just five seconds. Well, you must know that these little things men love the most. The visually appealing lingerie that hides less and reveals more will leave your man asking for more. And don’t forget, they love to unwrap you.

Variety and Spontaneity: Men love the variety in the bedroom. They get bored with the same routine & positions so you should try new things while making love. You should be spontaneous in the sex session. To spice up your sex life you should try several positions, make love in different places such as bathroom or kitchen, and most importantly, never ever get afraid to change things up.

Massage: Which guy doesn’t want a massage from a woman? Men love massages from women. Not just women, men also like to feel good about their body. Massage is a great way to ignite their sexual desires and erotic massages work as a cherry on the cake.

10 Irresistible Things Men Wants Women to Do in Bed

Foreplay: Yes, guys love foreplay. Don’t get fooled by the movies where guys are so wild that they want to do like “right now”. However, the fact is, they love the slow build up which makes them feel loved and satisfied. He loves to hear how you like to be touched, how you kiss them slowly all over their body etc. Men find these little things as an incredible turn on.

Talk Dirty:  Men just love dirty talking. They like to hear what you want to do next. You can seduce them or give them physical compliments in a sexy manner. Show them some sexy moves that turn them on, tell them which act of them you enjoy the most, make noise so that they feel you are enjoying as much as he is.

Say His Name: While love making session say his name, scream or whisper it in his ears. He will simply love it. It makes him feel like nothing in this world matters more to you than him.

Appreciate Him: Not only women, men also want to get appreciated. In the bedroom, they like to hear about their body, what turns you on, what is sexy about them, how good they are in bed, or which act of them makes you go crazy etc. All these things boost their ego and help them to perform better in bed.

Don’t Switch Off the Lights: Guys simply love it when they look at your bodies. Your body flaws don’t matter to them. All that matters is how willing are you to get intimate with him. Don’t ever act embarrassed because that really turns them off. They love to see and feel your body so you should create such an ambiance where you both can enjoy.

Orgasm: Always express what makes you feel good. He likes to hear that how much you are enjoying. Don’t fake it. Guys really love when you make some noise or breathe really fast. Give him some clues that he is pleasing you and tell him that you love the way he touches and satisfies you.

Be Sexy, Be Naughty & Be Expressive- It's all that he wants. 

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