10 Biggest Turn Offs For Women

10 Biggest Turn Offs For Women

Well, you will find dozens of articles that tell you what woman should do to make their man happy. They list a number of things that women should avoid because the men don’t like it. Let’s make this the other way round. Why not discuss likes & dislikes of women? This article tells you about the things that act as the biggest turn offs for the women and what she hates the most.

Though each of us has our own interests, some common things that women really hate about guys are listed below:

Guys With Long & Dirty Nails

This point scores a top position on the biggest turn offs for women list. Yes, this is true. Women really hate it when their men have long and dirty nails. Guys your chances of getting near her body with those dirty fingernails literally went down to zero.

Your Behaviour Especially When You Talk To Service Men

How you talk to people lower than you says a lot about your personality. Rudeness is the biggest turn off irrespective of any gender. You are being judged for how you treat people like waiters who offer you services. Chances are if you can’t be kind with them, may be one day you will treat us the same.

Are You Really Interested In Knowing Us? We Don’t Think So!

What really turns off women is when guys don’t ask any questions at all about them. It seems that they are not interested in knowing you. Or they simply don’t care at all. They just answer your questions and have nothing to ask you. Don’t you guys want to know how we are as a person?

Guys With No Sense of Humour

People who never or rarely laugh are the people women don’t want to be around with. Women consider this as the biggest turn offs because they enjoy being around with people who make them happy.

“You Are Not Like Other Girls” Don’t Ever Say That

Though it is meant as a compliment, it sounds entirely in a different manner to us. It’s like generally, they have a low opinion about a girl but they have decided to give you a special place. That is why they say “you are not like other girls”.

10 Biggest Turn Offs For Women


Guys Who Stink Or Smells Bad

Each one of us has different body smells but guys who really don’t know what hygiene word is all about, is the biggest turn off for any women. So guys please do us a favour- clean yourself properly, take shower, put some good deo and then meet us. We would be happy if you make this as your routine.

Guys Who Just Stick To One Thing & Keep On Talking About That

Guys give us a break. We know that you love gadgets or any particular thing. But that doesn’t mean you keep on talking about it all the time and kill us with your boring conversation. Things would be different if we share the same interest, I would love to talk about it all the time. But if we have different interests then you should stop bragging about it 24X7.

People Who Constantly Interrupts Us

This is one of the biggest turn offs for any women. Each one of us has equal rights to say anything we want. We have different opinions, just like yours. So, when guys interrupt us when we say anything or give our opinions, we simply hate it.

People Who Always Show Up Late

Guys if you can’t fulfil one promise of being on time, how can we trust you for the other important things? Being late is ok once in a while but if it happens every time, it will seem like you don’t care.

Sex Is Over After You Have An Orgasm! Isn’t It? I Mean Really?

The biggest turn off for every woman and she just hates it to the extent that may be she’ll start avoiding sex with you. A woman takes more time to orgasm as compared to men. Guys think that once they have their orgasm, sex is over. Why? Aren’t we supposed to have an orgasm too? Why is it only about you all the time? Women can have different needs in bed. Don’t behave like a selfish and take our pleasure seriously too as you take yours. 

You can definitely swap the turn offs to turn ons if you do the things in a right manner. It’s time to win your lady all over again by respecting and understanding her perspective.


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